Stress Management

Deborah Gosling

Copyright 2015 by Deborah Gosling

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Who is the author?

Deborah Gosling has been helping individuals and families for over 10 years and is a specialist in emotional intelligence, stress reduction, productivity and relationships. In her books Deborah provides advice and tips that can be implemented in every area of life, and she places emphasis on taking action to improve and enhance your quality of life.


There are some things in life that are certain, and stress is a fact of life, wherever you are whatever you are doing – you cannot avoid stress. But, don’t despair, just like you can manage many things in life, you can also manage stress and reduce its effect significantly. Only 20 years ago stress management was not a household word as it is today, but since practitioners and physicians realized that stress was the root cause of why people were seeking psychotherapy and medical consultation it caused stress management to be adopted as a non-medical way of dealing and coping with stress. Stress comes about as result of many complex changes in which you must adapt to and includes such things as going to college, getting married, changing jobs, moving house, illnesses, grief and many other things that cannot be enumerated here. To manage stress successfully it is important to be conscious of yourself, surroundings and consider the root causes of your stress. Initially, this will take some time, but it will significantly improve your ability to manage stress and will greatly improve both your mental and physical wellbeing. You will find in this book some proven practical steps and strategies that will help you to relieve stress, and live a more happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

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