Instead of disease, health. Instead of fiction, truth. Instead of fear, love.
This book is for young people – of every age

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Who wins?

Part of you has been looking for and waiting for this book, which brings together in one place everything you need to know, which provides you with the tools to evaluate new ideas, and which gives you an action plan enabling you to move forward definitively and break free from the consensus trance.

At the same time, there is another part of you that most certainly does not want to see or know what is in this book – it will call into question some treasured assumptions, cast doubt on well-established habits, and suggest avoiding things you really like. And Free Will means you have a perfect right not to know things if you don’t want to.

Which part of you will win?


The author would encourage you NOT just blindly to accept what is written here as the truth. That would be an error of judgment. That is not to say that the ideas presented here are not true, but that you must weigh them up, meditate upon them, and decide for yourself in the light of your intuition and inner feelings, whether or not these words “feel” true for you.


If people begin to understand that change comes about as a result of a million tiny acts that seem totally insignificant, well then, they wouldn’t hesitate to take those tiny acts. – Howard Zinn

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