Sinfully Mine Book One

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Sinfully Mine Book One

At eight p.m. the elegant black and gold lobby of the St. Charles Hotel was usually empty, as it was too early for the guests out for a night on the town to return, and too late for those staying with families to still be up. The calm and quiet did make changing shifts at the front desk much easier.

“We have one late check-in that hasn’t shown up,” Jim Hutchins told Willow Navaro as he pulled on his coat. “A regular. He called and said his flight was delayed, so it might be another hour before he shows.”

“Got it. Any special requests?” Willow asked as she logged onto the hotel’s guest services computer to check the available rooms.

“He wants the penthouse suite for a week, as usual.” Jim, a former Navy man who kept the front desk ship-shape, winked at her. “He also asked if you were on duty tonight.”

“Great.” Normally she would roll her eyes—lots of male guests tried to ask her out—but only one of them always requested the penthouse suite. “Any other problems?”

“One. Mr. Briggs is the manager on duty tonight.” Disgust tinged the older man’s expression as he nodded toward the hotel bar. “And he’s already on his first break.”

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