It concerned a “double blind, randomized, placebo controlled” medical study that confirmed the presence of gluten sensitivity in the absence of celiac disease. They claimed that this was the first study of its kind confirming the existence of gluten intolerance in the absence of celiac disease.

Dr. Osborne went on to say that “the illness of ‘Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity’, otherwise known as Gluten Syndrome, is not a new term in the medical research. This is simply the first double blind, placebo controlled trial confirming its existence. Pioneers in gluten research like Dr. Rodney Ford have been talking about this phenomenon for many years.”

This book brings together the threads of the gluten debate and weaves them into a detailed and fascinating story.


What people are saying about this book

A must read book for patients and medical professionals” Al

“‘The Gluten Syndrome’ by Dr. Rodney Ford is a must read book for patients and medical professionals alike. Why? Dr. Ford explains in detail how and why gluten adversely affects the human body. He also explains why tests for celiac disease often miss those that are in ill-health due to gluten. Using medical studies and clinical data, ‘The Gluten Syndrome’ goes "outside the gut" and demonstrates that every system in the body can be affected by gluten.

This information is important for patients to know if and when their doctor tells them that their celiac tests are negative ... and that gluten is not their problem. Unfortunately, many medical professionals only recognize that gluten damages the gut; the current medical definition of Celiac Disease.

"Gluten - it's not just for celiac disease anymore".

The concept of the Gluten Syndrome (also known as Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity) has just started to appear on the radar screens of top mainstream celiac research doctors. Keep in mind, this is something that Dr. Ford has known about for years, even decades.

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