The M and M Who Lost His Way

One day an M and M was out walking around looking for someone to play ball with. This M and M was yellow and had a peanut in his body, his name is yellow. Yellow came along a little boy named Peter, he asked if Peter wanted to play ball. Peter being only six years old knew better than to talk to strangers, so he decided to go home. Yellow did not know any better, so he followed Peter home. Peter went out to the backyard of his house to play with his dog Buster. Yellow was watching in amazement at this little boy with his dog. Yellow stood at the fence for ten minutes before he decided to talk to Peter again. Yellow asked Peter his name; and Peter went inside to tell his Mom than an M and M was talking to him. Peter’s mom did not believe an M and M would be talking to her son. So she followed Peter outside and saw Yellow by the fence. She went over to the fence with Peter and Buster. Yellow said hello in a small voice, Peter’s mom was so scared she let Buster out and he chased Yellow down the road. After that day Peter never saw Yellow again. Until about two weeks later, Yellow showed up again with a crack down the side of his face. Peter went over to Yellow and gave him a tissue in case he started to melt. Peter went to school the next day he looked out the window and saw Yellow waiting for him. Peter got out of school at 3:00pm and he went to see Yellow. Peter started to cry because Yellow was nothing but a puddle of milk chocolate. Peter lost the best friend he had ever had.

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