The Midwife’s Tale

A Short Story by Margaret Frazer

Part of the Dame Frevisse Medieval Murder Mysteries

Published by Dream Machine Productions at Smashwords

Copyright 1995 Margaret Frazer

* * * * *

O cursed synne of alle cursedness!

O traytours homycide, O wikkednesse!

Geoffrey Chaucer

The Pardoner's Tale

* * * * *

The light from the yet unrisen sun flowed softly gold and rose between the long blue shadows of the village houses and across the fields and hedgerows full of birdsong.  Ada Bychurch, standing in the doorway of Martyn Fisher's low-eaved house, shivered a little in the morning's coolness and huddled her cloak around her, hoping for more warmth from its worn gray wool.

She wished she could as readily huddle away from the sorrow in the house behind her.  She was village midwife and had done what she could but it had not been enough and now there was nothing left but the hope that after Father Clement's ministrations, Cisily's soul would go safe to whatever blessings she had earned in her short life.  But despite her faith Ada could not help the feeling Cisily's mortal life had been too short.  Far too short for the motherless newborn daughter and the grieving husband she was leaving behind her, however fortunate Cisily was to be so soon free of the world's troubles.

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