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The Weitzmann Saga

The Journey

By Solon ben Earl

Copyright 2011 by Solon ben Earl

Smashwords Edition


My name is Solon ben Earl. I was trained as a librarian, in the Weitzmann orbiting habitat. My present occupation is Chief Archivist for the habitat. At the moment, we are orbiting planet SK 437, which circles an unidentified star about 450 light-years from the earth.

The Rabbis have decided that when we set foot on the surface of our new planet, we will name it "Israel" and our first settlement shall be known as "Jerusalem." Not "New Israel" or "New Jerusalem," because the council of Rabbis ruled that we have moved our nation here and, therefore, this is Israel. As the archivist, it has fallen upon my shoulders to document how we came to this place and what the circumstances were back in the earth’s solar system that caused us to undertake this journey.

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