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He turned. Strangely, it was no one he knew. Not a high school friend, not a bored co-worker. It was a young man, unshaved, messy brown hair, jean jacket. Handsome. And looking at him very intently, with a small mischievous smirk on his face. Will got the impression he was after something not so much of the prank variety and more of the sex-with-a-stranger-in-a-public-bathroom variety. He was immediately tense.

"Uh..." Will managed to get out, "You know, customers aren't really supposed to be back here."

"I know," the man said with a gruff smoky voice. He kept staring.

"So, maybe you should get back to the store now," Will said nervously, because the man was at this point starting to lean in closer.

The man said nothing, only smiled and kept moving closer to Will, put his hands on Will's upper arms, and leaned his face toward Will's.

Will leaned back to avoid the man and, clearly shaken, he tried again, even while practically doing a backward somersault to politely avoid the man, "You know, I really don't feel that way about men, so..." But by now the man had actually leaned into his neck and began sucking on it! Will struggled, but the man held his arms tightly. All politeness now gone, Will yelled, "Hey, get off me!"

But then something new happened. Something unexpected and bizarre. The man bit into his neck! And with teeth sharper than a human's should be. Well, sharper than anything but a shark's would be, he supposed. Then he wondered why he was analyzing it so much as the man bit deeper into his neck. There was a searing sharp pain and Will could feel warm wet liquid flowing out of his neck. The man was lapping it up, sucking up every last drop that escaped Will's body.

Will was so shocked he couldn't really move. He did manage to let out a little yelp, though, as he began to lose consciousness and slid down the wall with the man still on his neck sucking away.

At that moment, his boss came around the corner from the office, looking at paperwork. He was blurry in Will's eyes.

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