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This book is based on a true story of the transformation of a village in remote part of India.

It describes the efforts of a young boy, wise for his years, to help turn the badly polluted village and its surroundings into a green heaven that it once was. The story tells us that we have the solutions at hand, but they need to be identified.

It is commonly thought that pollution is restricted to the cities, with their large vehicle population and a high degree of consumption of resources. The picture is however changing rapidly. Environmental degradation has become a major problem in rural areas too. Of course, the causes of pollution in rural areas are quite different. Cutting of trees for firewood, indiscriminate grazing of an increasing animal population and a general public apathy towards cleanliness of the surroundings are the main contributing factors.

This book describes the remedial measures undertaken by the villages under the guidance of an enlightened lad, leading to a vast improvement in a couple of years.




Based on a true story of transformation of a village in remote part of India


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