Easy A or Easy Lay?

Janey O'Mara

Published by Pulp Electronique

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2011 Janey O'Mara

Cover art by Igor Rivilis

Cover design by Sean O'Hara

Easy A or Easy Lay?

I looked in the mirror, giving my makeup one last check, then adjusted my boobs to maximize my cleavage -- when you've got a B-cup, you have to try just a little bit harder. A good push-up bra helps too. Hey, cheating never hurt a girl's chances.

Satisfied, I set off across campus. A gentle snow was falling, leaving a fine blanket upon the pavement, and before I reached Idlewild Hall I'd nearly slipped five times. Maybe wearing pumps had been a bad idea--if I took a tumble, I'd have to go back to my dorm and change clothes. The short skirt had definitely been a bad idea. Even with my long coat, the wind was whipping up between my legs, and nothing stood between it and my pussy except my lace panties. I shouldn't've gone with the push-up bra--my nipples were hard from the chill, and without a bra they'd be poking through my blouse. Professor Doubletree would love that.

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