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Dani opened the doors and waved for Rebecca to come back inside. Rebecca knew her legs were moving but didn’t know how. Breast cancer was something that happened to other people’s families.

Not hers. The people in her family were healthy eaters and active. It didn’t make sense. She had to figure out a way to fix this.

“Is everything all right?” Dani sat Rebecca back down in her chair, picking up the hair she released before Rebecca walked out of the salon. She blew on the irons before she passed them over the strands of her hair.

“My favorite aunt is in the last stage of her second bout with breast cancer. They believe it has already spread and she has only been given a few months to live.” Rebecca clasped and unclasped her hands in her lap. “How can I go celebrate my wedding anniversary when my Aunt is dying? Colby is gonna have to get over it but I have to leave.”

“Becca, you need to calm down and just allow yourself a moment to think about what you’re saying. You have two big ad campaigns and you’re courting FA Square. You don’t have time to fly off to New York. Especially since you can’t do anything about what is going on…you’re a Christian not the Christ.” Dani patted the last hair she finished pressing. “You need to pray for her and thank God for that fine man you got at home and remind him why he needs to do the same for you.”

Rebecca looked past Dani at the large mirror in front of her. She stared at the artwork reflected from the wall behind them and smiled. It had been a great year with Colby and she was being a bit emotional. She did need to put it in God’s hand. Had he ever failed her? Of course, he would heal her Aunt Marisol. It was Aunt Marisol who said she’d been praying for her after she left New York. Rebecca remembered how Aunt Marisol gave her life to God while Rebecca was married to her first husband and she remembered how she prayed for Rebecca to have the strength to leave him.

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