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Business As Unusual

Der Erzahler

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010, 2011

Smashwords Edition, License Notes.

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Part One

I was recently out of town on business, and unlike most business trips, there were actually some parts of the trip that were pretty decent.  Four other employees packed up and headed out of town to Charlotte, NC, trying to setup a new business in the local area.

There were two guys and three women on the trip.  One of the women that went with us was Jennifer; she was a young lady that I had the pleasure of spending a few days with intimately a few months back.   There was also Jill, a 21-year old heavyset blonde, and a woman in her late 40′s to early 50′s named Teresa.  The guy that went with us was Nick, a gentleman close to my age from somewhere up north.

The first couple of nights in Charlotte were uneventful.  Nick and I shared a hotel room, and the ladies shared another room.  We worked long hours, followed by a nice meal, couple of drinks, then got some rest. It wasn’t until the third night out that things got a little interesting.

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