Catherine should have been studying. Even goofing off would have been a better use of her time. Instead, she gazed straight forward, staring at the wall. It was a wall, like any other except for the “ALL SALES FINAL. NO RETURNS, REFUNDS, or EXCHANGES!” sign. The words meant nothing to the apprentice by now. They were just bold, large shapes etched into a sign. Catherine pondered if the sign could have been made with magic. Magic could do anything, so why not make a sign? she thought. Having someone carve the wooden frame and paint the letters just perfectly seemed like so much work when a few simple words and the flick of wrist could turn ordinary household items into a sign. Dwelling on it made her feel uneasy as all the possibilities and options flooded her mind.

The door to the shop suddenly opened, striking the bell that hung above it. Catherine’s eyes lit up as she attempted to remember how to do her job. “Hello!” she smiled widely, “May I help you?” She narrowed her eyes as the words flowed out of habit, realizing that the visitor was just Nathara. Catherine nibbled at her bottom lip, looking the Dark Elf over appraisingly.

Nathara wasn’t very accepting to the idea of being enslaved for an undisclosed amount of time. It was even harder adapting to life on the surface world, living in a cramped space, and tolerating the city. The elf was a princess in the underworld. She often gave subtle hints that working for Mahri in this perverted store was beneath her, usually saying, “Being kept in this vile hellhole of a store is beneath me.” She was a princess after all, so subtlety wasn’t her forte.

The thick, practically insatiable cock that Catherine had accidentally cursed Nathara with didn’t help her attitude either. She complained about that, too—exclaiming that her feminine beauty was being ruined by such a monstrosity being attached to her. And yet, when Catherine sank to her knees, pulled the throbbing prick from the Dark Elf’s pants and wrapped her lips around it, Nathara always shut up.

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