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Sceptic at Large


Roger Helmer MEP

What politicians say about "Sceptic at Large" by Roger Helmer MEP

You do not have to agree with what Roger Helmer has to say on every page of this provocative and well-written book to enjoy and benefit from his well-informed and merciless questioning of much of the conventional wisdom of this complacently conformist and politically correct age. On so-called climate change, in particular, he scores a number of palpable bulls-eyes.

- Lord Lawson, Chancellor of the Exchequer under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Our national debate is the richer for a sceptic at large. Roger puts establishments on their mettle, challenges other politicians to think about the preconceptions they share with governments, and offers challenging views to the public.

- John Redwood MP, Cabinet Minister under Prime Minister John Major.

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