Cerebus Film: An Epic Journey

2007 - 2016

By Carma Chan

Copyright 2012: Carma Chan is a pseudonym of Carma Yvonne Dillon (1958-)
in honor of John Wang Leong Chan, beloved stepfather.

Smashwords Ebook Edition, License Notes

This ebook is licensed for your enjoyment only. You may not copy, share, upload or give away this ebook. Thank you for respecting creator rights. All royalties earned from the sale of this ebook go toward completion of the Cerebus Film project.

Cover Design: Cerebus the Aardvark is a 300-issue comic book series created by Dave Sim. The image featured on this cover and is courtesy What Comics Entertainment. Production and release updates are posted for the public on Facebook and Twitter, CerebusFilm.



The purpose of this short, unusual non-fiction story is to inform the Arts & Entertainment community, movie lovers and especially fans of comic book movies, about an extraordinary bunch of dudes, mostly guys, all geeks; a self-made team of ‘indies’ who are making history.

Nothing quite like the Cerebus film project has ever been tried, let alone conceived by sane entrepreneurs. The alpha male leading this pack on a personal quest to feast on Mount Everest summit gopher, an elusive glorified rat, is Oliver Simonsen, better known as “Captain Zap”. Simonsen’s individual life story is fascinating and inspirational in itself, however, the writer’s purpose for this ebook is to focus on one aspect of aardvarkian history: that a movie is coming out and there are reasons every movie lover should see it, regardless of genre.

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