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In the pages of this book, you'll briefly read about the children that are affected all over the world by child sex slavery. Though this story is fiction, the issue, unfortunately, couldn't be more real.

As this issue became known to Katie and I, our hearts began to break. The idea of a child being raped every night of their life makes us (sitting at home in comfortable Wichita, Kansas) sick... so I can't imagine how these kids feel.

A friend of mine, Brad Riley, saw this injustice firsthand. He met the children that are affected by this issue every day of their lives. He met kids in safe homes who have survived the abuse and are being beautifully restored. He also met the modern day heroes who fight for justice in the most innovative and impacting ways.

What birthed from his experience is iEmpathize, an Arts and Advocacy organization that creates opportunities for people to explore and engage in issues of injustice. Their passion is to bring the stories of vulnerable and victimized children to the mainstream public.

"Imagine," Brad writes at, "being 12 years old. Imagine, if you can, being taken from your family and never seeing them again. Imagine being taken to a strange land and an even stranger underworld of gruesome reality. Imagine having all the fight that is in you being beaten out of you. Imagine being forced to spend every night, all night, having all forms of sex with stranger after stranger after stranger. Imagine being a boy and having everything honorable about growing into a man being ripped from your core. Imagine being a girl that has no inkling that one day a husband could virtuously love her and together they could have a beautiful family. Imagine your childhood and future being raped and pillaged away. This is the nightmare that is a reality for countless children."

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