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The Great River

The creature was the size of a man but not human. She was a humanid, a primitive humanlike being that resembled an animal as much as a human being, and one of many variations of such creatures that lived in her world. Her name was Quahbi.

She wore tanned and tattered hide upon her hips and over her ample, humanlike breasts. In one of her thick, three digited hands she carried a sturdy stone tipped spear. With deep-set, large emerald eyes she scanned the terrain - dry, hot but not arid. Sun blasted outcrops of bare rock contrasted starkly against a bright azure sky streaked with blurry ribbons of cloud. Quahbi’s heavy-set brows protected her eyes from the glare. Jutting from the ever-expanding scrubby grasslands, umbrella trees towered impossibly high on thin, smooth stalks, their wide, dish-shaped canopies perfectly still. Not a single hint of a breeze was in the air.

Quahbi walked forward on cleft hooves, taking bold and determined steps. She snorted through her porcine muzzle and growled. Two curved, sharp tusks, one on either side of her muzzle, glowed in the stark sunlight. Her full lips parted, revealing a neat set of sharp but tough upper and lower incisors that were as white as her ivory tusks. She shook her head, ruffling her long mane of wavy hair. Again, she sniffed the air, searching for the slightest hint of scent. The Terran that had escaped during her watch had passed this way. Of this she was certain, but now there was no sign of him.

Quahbi was angry. She had liked the Terran and had been very lenient towards him, being that he was obviously completely out of his element, alone in an environment that was totally alien to him. She had even protected him from the more aggressive members of her tribe, their cruel lashes and their brutal clubs...

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