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The Unicorn:

The unicorn is the only fabulous beast that does not seem to have been conceived out of human fears. In even the earliest references he is fierce yet good, selfless yet solitary, but always mysteriously beautiful. He could be captured only by unfair means, and his single horn was said to neutralize poison. The young gay male, like the unicorn, is fierce yet good, selfless yet solitary, always mysteriously beautiful, and can be captured only by unfair means.

In Broad Daylight:

A city girl to the core, Marly had been to the country only once and that had been during a field trip in Kindergarten. That was thirteen years ago, but she still remembered the awful smells of cows and pigs and manure.

“You will love it on your Uncle Charlie’s farm, honey. This is God’s country.” Marly’s mother had talked nonstop since they had left the city and Marly wished she would just shut up. Marly sat with her arms folded, watching the endless stream of nothingness whizzing by the car window. “Oh, cheer up, Marly. It’s only for two weeks while your father and I are away on business.” Marly laid her head back and sighed.

Marly’s mother honked her horn twice as she drove down the lane to the old farmhouse where she and her sister had grown up. “I loved growing up here, Marly, and I am so happy that Susan and Charlie chose to keep the farm and all the wonderful traditions that Susan and I shared. Of course, that was a long time ago, but oh, the memories. Susan and I had so much fun. The possibilities for adventure are endless out here. And to think that Charlie grew up on a farm, too! Those two were meant for each other.”

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