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Lenora Jones

By Julia Talmadge


By Cynthia Herndon

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Sometimes in life we jump too quickly, not taking the time to measure the effects a decision will have on our life nor those around us. This impulsivity may be due to numerous factors including age, fears, and desire but once a decision is made, a course of action chosen, it is difficult to change that and we can become complacent even in the worse environments. Most certainly all decisions will factor into our lives, effecting who we are and who we become as well as changing us forever. Often when we are young we don’t like to admit that we are blinded, instead we are trying stubbornly to defend the fact that we aren’t so naive but for most individuals we are; maturity is a process like all things in life and unfortunately mistakes or bad decisions are part of that process. So hopefully as human beings we learn from our mistakes and work to explore other avenues not just accepting the first situation given to us, instead weighing out each situation but hopefully not waiting so long that we miss life; after all it is a difficult scale we tread throughout our lifetime, knowing when to take a path and when to simply walk away.

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