In His House

Free edition, Copyright 2011 by Marc Roman

Published by Smashwords.

Any semblance to real people, places, things, or events, is entirely coincidental.

I woke up early to a bright summer day, but didn't want to leave my bed. It's not

that I had had a rough sleep, but that I was content to just lie there, soaking in the

atmosphere of my surroundings. It was my final day at a bed and breakfast, in the heart of

the American countryside. Normally, I couldn't afford such a stay, for in my life I could

barely even make ends meet. I had little money to eat, let alone take a much needed

vacation. I had a cynical attitude towards life, but this place had left a pleasant effect

on me.

I had won this reprieve in a contest, one that I normally wouldn't have entered. I

was flipping through the newspaper, letting my eyes slide past most of it due to the

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