A Leprechaun Named Big Hat

By Charles Clatterbuck & Denise Beck

Copyright 2011 Charles Clatterbuck & Denise Beck

Smashwords Edition

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Near a misty stream in Ireland in the hollow of a tree live mystical, magical Leprechauns who are clever as can be. With pointed ears, turned up toes and little coats of green, the Leprechauns make their shoes, trying hard to ne’er be seen. Only those who really believe have seen these little elves. If you believe and look with your heart, you can see them for yourselves.

Irish Blessing-Anonymous

Once upon a time, maybe even today there lives a race of little people called Leprechauns. They wear green coats and make shoes for faeries and cause a lot of trouble so I hear. You may have heard of these mischievous creatures in old Irish folklore, but have you ever heard from them directly? Ah, never! Until this moment no one has bothered to ask for our side of the story. I would like to set the record straight if I may. My name is Big Hat, and I am a Leprechaun. I am not the oldest living Leprechaun, but I ain’t no spring chicken either! The stories of my people are kept for all eternity inside of my mind and when my time to fade grows near, I must tell another someone dear to keep the truths and myths in good order for those who want to believe now and forever. The first thing you must know is that a leprechaun never dies, but we do fade and eventually turn to golden dust. Because we are a kind of faerie, leprechauns have the power to become invisible. Only for a few minutes at a time, just long enough to get out of the trouble we may have caused. If you have ever seen a sudden swirl of dust pass by, then you may have seen one of my friends or indeed even me. Next time just nod your head good day or tip your hat if you have one and we will know that you are a friend. I hope you will allow me to introduce you to a few of my kinsmen and kinswomen. And so begins the journey…

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