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Our Own Demons

Sitting huddled against the cold, metal inner wall of the bus appeared to be a black, shadowy mass. It was really poor Kalvin. He had another, in a long line of, terrible days at school.

He was a sophomore at his high school where he had been tormented by numerous bullies and was the butt of a menagerie of cruel jokes; just as he had been for the past seven years at his previous two schools. He had thought for a great length of time that no one, other than his family, could possibly like him at all. With little to no friends, this theory of his seemed to be without-a-doubt true. Kalvin just sat there quietly, alone on the bus; or in class, it made no difference. He would not make any effort to engage in conversation, except when someone would, by chance, say something to him that was not scornful or mean spirited. However, he would never ever retaliate to any insult or taunt. No matter how angrily any person may have made him, no matter how embittered he got, he would never do anything negative back.

When he saw that his stop was coming up, he immediately sprung up ready to get off of his bus, to which was a symbol of disgust to him. As his yellow prison was slowing to his stop, he got up and headed for the door, ready to make his hasty escape. The bus pulled up to the curb, opened its doors and out flew Kalvin running to make it his only sanctuary: home. His only stop in this mad-dash was at the back door of his house, where he needed to unlock the house and open the door. He shut the door just after his narrow entrance into his place of safety. Since no one was home now, he unloaded his relatively light backpack on the living room floor. Then to his room where he hung his large, black coat upon the nearest bed post. He removed his shoes & socks, closed his door, curled up in his bed and wept. He would weep, on average, a few minutes each day, but today it was longer than average. For some reason, today felt even more miserable than any of his previous days. Perhaps, it is because I have suffered for some many years now, thought Kalvin.

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