Shannon and Ally in Canada

Copyright 2011 By Kate Everson

Smashwords Edition

Shannon and Ally are sisters. They live in the city of Ottawa in Canada.

One day, Shannon woke up and looked outside. There was snow on the ground. She ran to her sister’s room and said, “Wake up, Ally! Let’s go play in the snow!”

Ally looked out the window and saw all the white snow. She said, “Yippee!”

The girls ran into their parent’s room and said, “Wake up, Mommy! Wake up, Daddy! Look outside! Look at all the snow!”

Mommy and Daddy were sleepy. They did not want to get up and look out the window. They did not want to go play in the snow.

Daddy said, “I have to shovel the snow!”

Mommy said, “I have to get out the mittens and the boots and the winter clothes!”

Soon the whole family got up and put on their mittens and their boots and their warm clothes and went outside. The snow was deep in the back yard. Shannon and Ally rolled big snow balls and Daddy piled them on top of each other. They made a snowman!

Then they found a carrot for its nose and a stick for its mouth, two stones for its eyes and a red hat. It was a very funny snowman!

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