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Kris Katzen

Published by Bluetrix Books, Smashwords edition.

© 2011 by Kris Katzen

© cover photography courtesy of NASA/ESA/Hubble

Copyrighted material. All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce in part or in whole without the express prior written consent of the author.

All characters and events in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental.


"How could five thousand lifesigns just vanish?" Percy Thomas growled to himself, hunching his shoulders against the arctic wind. He’d always preferred beaches to ski slopes; trudging through knee-deep snow was doing nothing to change his mind.

He pulled his hood tighter then adjusted the handheld sensor again. With the thick gloves he was wearing, he tried three times before getting the narrower setting he wanted. The wide area sweep had picked up nothing. Not even indigenous life. If any other living thing were around, it was a heck of a lot smarter than he was, Percy thought, and had taken shelter from the fierce gales and biting snow. Even with his goggles, Percy had trouble seeing more than ten feet in front of him in the near white-out conditions.

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