Patch Pirates


Dean Derkson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Dean Derkson

"Hey Captain there's a small boat adrift ahead, no sail, no oars, and it looks like a woman is on board," shouted Crow.

All eyes immediately looked toward the boat.

When they were close enough the Captain shouted, "Ahoy there!!"

"Ahoy there, I'm Princess Maeve, This is your lucky day. My rescue and safe return to my father is worth a large reward," said Princess Maeve.

"A princes well well. I've met many ladies calling themselves princesses and in the end they were just ladies. Some of them not even that. However, we will treat you well and not harm you if you agree to our terms." said the Captain.

"Your terms?" said Maeve.

"Yes, everyone on board this ship does a good days work and earns their right to be here. We are willing to take you on board if you are willing to work as a crew member," said the Captain.

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