My Life

Hi my name is CJ Angelella. Glad you could come today. I am going to tell you about my life. My life begins in September of 1997 the tenth to be exact. I was named Charles John after my grandfather. I was very cute when I was born. I was a little baby with black hair and green and blue eyes. I was brought home to my house that I grew up in. The house was in a big town in Pennsylvania named Allentown. I have always had one thing that I am embarrassed of. I am embarrassed of always walking on my tippy toes. Even now I get made fun of. One talent I had was when I was almost three years old I learned how to ride a bike. My mother always said I had learned very quickly on how to ride a bike. Ok anyway I turned one in no time. My birthday was filmed by my mom. I remember the video showing me stuffing me hands into the cake and I was laughing mouthful of chocolate cake. My parents don’t look anything like they do now. My mom now has dirty blonde hair and back in the day she had blonde hair with curls in it. My dad now has grey and black hair and back then he only had black hair. Ok, in case you haven’t noticed I get off topic a lot. My second birthday came very slow. I was still kind of getting used to my mom and my dad and the world of exciting things. When I was two years old I was learning how to walk. Walking wasn’t hard for me because I had learned to crawl on my toes. If it weren’t for my tippy toe problem I wouldn’t be so fast ask me. Sorry off topic again. Like I said earlier, I learned to ride a bike when I was two years old. I was already walking and ready to ride my bike. I had been practicing for at least two weeks. I rode in a local parking lot. My ride was without my mom or dad and I was up for about fifteen seconds. I was happy even when I fell down. About a week after the whole bike learning thing I turned three. There was a bad experience when I was three. My grandpa died. I was named after him and I don’t remember him that much. Not much actually happened when I was three. Except…….. No never mind just crying and learning how to piss in the toilet. Not much to talk about. Ok I will skip until I am four years old. When I was four we moved from Allentown to Charlotte, North Carolina. My mom was searching for a school for me when I was four. I was found a pre school and I went there and had a good time every day. I was five years old and ready for anything. I was wearing underwear and I was a big boy now. The most important thing of growing up when I was 1 to 5 was when my little sister was born. Natalie is her name. The day she was born was the day I wanted to have a baby brother instead of a baby sister. Natalie was always sick in her first year of life. She always had a fever or a cold or ammonia or something. My mom even told me she was more stubborn than me. She was always crying about every gay thing you could think of. I really thought I was going to be the less loved child but it turned out I wasn’t Nat just required more care. I was almost six years old when I moved from Charlotte to Moorestown, NJ. I still live in Moorestown as we speak. Moorestown is the best friggin town in America. No kidding. It has everything good. Anyway I was six years old. I would be going to a school called Baker. It was amazing. I loved it so much. I got so many friends. I got about 30 friends. I was in Kindergarten. Nothing happened and I mean no freaking thing happened. I’ll skip until I turn seven. I had a teacher named Ms. Brightman aka I love marijuana. She was always taking about marijuana the drug. In case you don’t already know Marijuana is an illegal drug. I thought she was actually using marijuana but I don’t know. Nothing else happened except that was my first mean teacher. I was about seven years old when I got my favorite teacher Mr. Duckett. Nothing happened really until I was eleven years old. I am currently eleven years old and in fifth grade. My class is awesome. Travis is my brother. Kenny is just piss. Mali is BFFL. Last Carl is my rat. The year is going great. I would like to thank Carl for the idea of this book. If you want to talk to me get an aim and aim me. Samanthabush497. See you later.

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