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Bloodstone – The Guardian’s Curse


The following anthology features three short stories that delve into the background of characters from my novel, The Guardian’s Apprentice. In addition, I have included the many characters, creatures and miscellaneous items that percolated through my imagination during the writing process. Some of these made it into the novel and some are in the short stories, while some will appear in book two Bloodstone – The Guardian’s Curse.

Tears for Hesh

Hesh wandered about the potions shop aimlessly, unable to find the rare ingredient his master needed. He grew more frustrated by the minute, for his master had been very specific in his request. He had ordered Hesh to rush out and acquire one phial of firedrake tears, as quickly as possible. Almost indistinguishable from salamander tears, the tears from a firedrake were much more valuable and exceedingly rare, since they could only be gathered from a fully grown adult of the species. This was a dangerous task under the best of circumstances, since adult firedrakes – a distant relative of the phoenix – could only be found in the calderas of active volcanoes, where they built their nests.

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