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3 to Open

~B.J. Scott~

Copyright 2011-05-16: B.J. Scott

Beau to Beau Books

All rights reserved


Included in: 3 to Open

1. Openers

2. Introduction

3. 3 to Open



The opening of a new breed of S&M clubs has Jack quickly rearranging his on-call schedule at the hospital. Catering to doctors such as himself, as well as to various other professionals, this new breed of clubs offers Jack the best of both worlds. The thrill of pleasing a demanding master and the power that washes over him while having his own demands and commands obeyed is a combination Jack can never refuse.

3 to Open:

This was Jack’s first time at the Dunes, a hot new club downtown. He had come here alone, not wanting anyone at work to know he frequented anything but the finest of establishments. Jack had read about the Dunes and he knew immediately it was the place for him. The Dunes was a submission club, a new breed of S&M clubs that seemed to have sprouted up overnight.

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