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Jack had driven around the block several times before parking his Mercedes in the back. He wouldn’t have stopped if he had noticed any familiar looking vehicles. Jack checked himself in the rearview mirror, locked his car, and tapped three times on the back door of the club, just the way it had been stated on the website.

The Dunes looked like an ordinary club from the front, but those in the know used the back door which offered a very different scene.

“Is your name on the list?”

Jack quickly skimmed down the list. “Yes, right there.”

“Great, welcome, you see the list over there?”

Jack nervously scanned the list of rules and nodded.

“Go on in,” the man said, with a smile.

Jack scampered to the bar like a scared rabbit and took a seat. He was halfway through his first drink, which was on the house courtesy of the doms, when he felt two firm hands grip his shoulders.


Jack tried to turn around but the man held him firm.

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