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Jose Silva’s

UltraMind ESP System

by Ed Bernd Jr.

Copyright 2000 by Ed Bernd Jr.

Smashwords edition © Copyright 2013 by Ed Bernd Jr.

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Second Edition

Revised and Updated by the author

December 2007, Laredo, Texas

First electronic edition published by Avlis Productions

December 2007

Have you ever felt like there was something more you should be doing with your life?

Maybe you felt that there is a hidden talent just ready to burst into success. Or a special mission, a soul purpose, you are ready to achieve?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have guidance from higher intelligence as to how to achieve all this? That’s what Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP System is all about: To help you make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Now you can use this scientifically researched and proven System to obtain guidance from higher intelligence so that you can make better decisions and be more times right than wrong. Better decisions means fewer mistakes, which leads to more success in fulfilling your mission in life.

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