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Cody’s New Client

~B.J. Scott~

Copyright 2011-05-18: Beau to Beau Books

All rights reserved


Included in: Cody’s New Client

1. Openers

2. Introduction

3. Cody’s New Client


Cody loves his new job. He had been well informed about the many perks that would come with it, but he had no idea how good it would be. Cody is a stylist, and so much more. He has become so good in such a short time that he takes new clients on a referral basis only and with a hefty price tag. No one treats new clients better than Cody, and he offers them the very latest of the new “tools” of his trade. As any good stylist knows, leaving a client satisfied is the key to return “appointments.”

Cody’s New Client:

Cody arrived at the mansion on the lake right on time. A man who appeared to be in his mid thirties opened the door and Cody walked inside.

“Come in,” the man said. “Join me for a drink,” the man who called himself Scott offered. Cody doubted that Scott was his real name, but it didn’t matter. He and Cody enjoyed their drinks in the sunroom with a beautiful view of the lake.

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