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“How would you like me to style you today,” Cody asked. Scott ran his fingers through his thick black hair and as it became fuller with each stroke, Cody could feel the first stirrings of arousal deep inside his tight jeans. Scott shook his hair, making it appear even fuller.

“I’ll let you decide, Cody. They tell me you are the best in the biz. Do with me what you will,” Scott said. Cody’s jeans were becoming tighter as his cock began to grow from Scott’s offer.

“Well, where shall we do this?” Cody asked, as he stood up. He walked over to Scott and stood in front of him and ran his fingers through Scott’s luxurious hair. He placed a knee on the sofa beside Scott to getter a closer look at his hair, and also to give his new client a much closer look at all that he had to offer. “How did you hear of me?” Cody was very appreciative of client referrals, very appreciative. Scott liked the feel of Cody’s hands on his head and in his hair. He leaned his head back on the sofa and closed his eyes.

Cody straddled Scott as he continued to massage his head, his hardness clearly visible now and directly in front of Scott’s eyes and watering mouth.

“Kent informed me of your very good services,” Scott answered, opening his eyes to Cody’s erection.

“Kent is a very special client. I will be sure to thank him.” Cody’s appreciation visits were almost as good as his new client visits, but his new clients were the ones to receive the best of his cream. “Well, let’s get started,” Cody said, his eagerness even more visible now.

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