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This book is dedicated to all the past, present and future liberty activists who found the courage to say no to authority.



Final Editors: Sandi Britt & Ruby Nicole Hilliard

Creative Editors: April Reed & Reagen Dandridge Desilets

Editors: Marc Emery & Margie Jaques & Sky Reed


Ruby Nicole Hilliard, Scott A. Motley & Lori Messenger

Cover Art:

Megan McLain, Johnson Rice &


Cannon, Musket, Charles Towne and Low Country Historical Consultant: Reagen Dandridge Desilets

Sword and Blade consultant: Mark McMorrow

Archeological consultant: Audrey Salem


Teresa Warmke, Michael Sansone, Aziza Seven, Julie Chessher Stone, Jim Davidson, Mariana Evica, Luthor Freeman and all my great friends on Facebook who helped along the journey.

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