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This box set contains Secrets, Threats, and Gifts, books 1-3 of The Steamship Chronicles.

Samantha Crill can read the dreams of mechanical devices and tap into aether to make those dreams come true. She seeks a place where her talent is not feared, but her abilities tear apart the careful plans to bring her to safety. Instead, she hides aboard an old sailing ship converted to steam.

Nathaniel Bowden, a young noble turned cabin boy, wants to captain his own steamship someday. He tries to prove himself to the rest of the crew, but his best efforts go awry especially once he has a secret to keep that’s not his own.

Together, they offer a grand Victorian steampunk adventure that begins in England and carries them across the dangerous Atlantic into southern waters.

Praise for the Books of
Margaret McGaffey Fisk


“Through her young heroine and hero, the author breathes life into a curious, exciting and often dangerous world of steam, sail, sentient machines, loyal friendships and deeds of quiet bravery undertaken in the face of widespread fear and bigotry, to deliver a clever, entertaining and unique new take on Victorian Steampunk.”

— David Bridger, author of A Flight of Thieves (Sky Ships) —


“Trina’s life revolves around protecting her family and as a shafter, the lowest of Ceric society, her choices are limited to what she can steal. However, a chance at a new life aboard a colony-bound ship teaches her a new way of life and the price of unquestioned loyalty in this exciting tale, rich with cultural world building and science fiction adventure. This is a story you’ll love, with a tale you won’t want to see end!”

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