The Vagrant’s Tail

A Short Story

By Garry Grierson

Copyright 2011 Garry Grierson

Smashwords Edition

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Arthur Meadows grabbed the cold lamppost as the world spun around his head. He slid down the smooth metal and came to an abrupt stop on the cold wet ground. The suburban street shimmered into view as the world came to a stop. The familiar yet now very alien road was a sobering sight. He used to live here. It seemed a strange thought now.

He gazed down at the crumpled and dog-eared business-card held tight in his clenched fist. This was the last physical reminder of his previous life. Arthur opened his hand and watched as the wind carried the old card high up into the air.

It seemed hardly any time had passed since things were very different. Less a year ago his business was booming and he sat behind his brand-new desk in his brand-new office making an honest living for his brand-new family.

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