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Eye of Dreams

Eye of Dreams

Exploring the Infinite Dimensions of Mind

Tony Crisp

Smashwords Edition 1.0 November 2009

Copyright © by Tony Crisp 2008

ISBN 978-1439200940


Tony Crisp has worked for over fifty years as a writer dealing with the inner life of people, as a therapist and teacher, and as a personal explorer of the strange worlds lying beneath everyday waking awareness.

Eye of Dreams is not about how to interpret a dream, it is about secret places within you, and the many dimensions of what you can find in yourself. It is about daring visions, about the power of growth and creativity that attempts to burst through the restrictions and fears hemming in your transformative power. Such visionary experiences emerge when you dare to allow your habitual response to the world to be silenced for a while, so other voices, other views, can be known. They emerge when you are courageous enough to meet something new and beyond what you have ever encountered before. And in the pages of Eye of Dreams you will find new worlds as discovered by those who did dare, who did move beyond restricting fears. They will describe to you how the world appears when seen with the vision of awareness liberated from the restricting fear of our own wonderful potential.

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