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And to its five main influences:

Macedonio Fernandez

Julio Cortazar

Jorge Luis Borges

Clarice Lispector

Manu Chao

La Presidenta

When Macedonia ran for president, they began with name recognition. Such an unusual name, they thought. We must use it. It was the twins who knew how to spread the word, by printing out thousands of little slips of paper, like fortune cookies, and distributing them throughout the capital city and even into the suburbs. They took the night trains out. The slips came in different colors - all nice pastels - and contained the one word - Macedonia - done up in their favorite Papyrus font.

They had a meeting about slogans, but that ended quickly. We only need one, Esperanza declared. "Wisdom, Beauty and Power. Why choose when you can have it all?"

When they see her face, Miranda decided, they will want to see it again.

When they hear her voice, added Edward, they will know it from the radio. It will remind them of something definitive. No doubts.

People on the street began talking about Macedonia. There was even a story in The Daily Spectre. What's with this mystery word? Why is it littering our streets and our bars, our theatres and bus stops, our schools and our parks? Everyone assumed it was the start of some ad campaign, and criticized the people behind it for making a mess and not cleaning up.

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