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Several people were sitting around a long sturdy oak table. She couldn't see how many, but they were not surprised by her sudden and dramatic entrance. They even seemed to understand what she was saying about Zeke.

"Okay people", Ronson said, "we're in new territory now. Unmapped but not unknown. It's time travel. This is the thing. You can move in time, but every time you turn around, time is trying to pull you back to now; your own time is like a rubber band attached to you - wherever you can't be seen, a doorway, an underground hallway, time is trying to push you right back out to where you came from. Even if you don't want to come back, it'll push you out."

"And don't worry about the big things. Big things like history you can't change, but little things can, and your life is one of those little things. You can die there and you turn up like an unexplained death back here. I've seen it happen before. Back there you're stabbed with a sword in a duel. Here you're hit by a bus. You just came out of nowhere, the driver says, and you did. Time pushed you in front of that bus. You weren't there, and then you were. Because you died, you had to die. Get it? Time makes a reason."

Cammie says, "now we have to go back there and get him. He's still there. He doesn't know what's going on. He just got pulled in by accident, she continued. I was going back and he just came with me. We got separated, just for a second, and I lost him."

"That's another thing", Ronson continued. "Once you're on that path, every place is a time. You turn around, you don't know where or when you'll be. You lose contact with your partner, physical contact I mean, then you lose contact, period. It's amazing Zeke was even in the same time as you Cammie. He could have been anytime, any place, once you let go."

"When you go back, you must go back together, and you must remain together at all times. At ALL times. This is no joke, people. Time will try to push you back out to now, but if it can't push you out, it's going to push you somewhere. It doesn't want you back there. Time is literally your enemy. It is literally working against you constantly. You are messing with time, with nature, with the order of things, and the order of things does not like to be messed with."

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