Searching for Stolen Love

Kenneth Szulczyk

I want to thank an old college friend, John Daubenspeck, for editing my manuscript. He really polished and sharpened my writing. If this story ever becomes successful, then he played a critical role in its success.

All characters, places, and situations that appear in this work are purely fictitious, created in the writer’s mind. Although the places in the novel do exist, any resemblance to real people – living or dead – are entirely coincidental.

I re-wrote my story, The Big Adventure in Little Bosnia. I tried to enrich the characters, tell a better story, and remove blocks of information that hindered the flow of the story. Of course, I re-wrote this story, so I could enter the manuscript to Amazon’s 2015 Breakthrough Novel Award, but Amazon canceled the contest.

Searching for Stolen Love

Copyright Kenneth Szulczyk 2015

All rights reserved

Cover design by Kenneth Szulczyk

Smashwords Edition 1.0, December 2015

Chapter 1

I sat in the armchair in my apartment, watching the swirling snow blow outside through the large bay window, with a 0.38 Smith and Wesson lying next to me. Reckless thoughts flashed through my mind, like a springtime thunderstorm. The icy, cold gun was sandwiched between my left leg and the chair, and I shivered a little from its coldness. I had never owned nor shot a gun before, but I planned to kill Damir and Adnan and Jasmin, maybe not in that order, but I knew the world would be a better place without those three living in it.

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