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“Okay, everyone,” Thomas’ mom said, “it’s time for…”

“Birthday cake?” yelled Katie.

“Ah, no, it is time for musical chairs,” answered Thomas’ mom.

Katie didn’t join in. She sat under a tree with Mac. “I can’t wait for the cake,” she told Mac. He gave her an understanding look. “I hope I get a corner or one of the sides,” she said, “because that is where all of the icing is.”

Mac kept looking at her. “Do you like cake?” she asked him. The dog gave a sharp bark. “I guess you do,” she said. “I love cake, especially if it has jelly in the middle.”

A red-haired girl won the game of musical chairs and got a jump rope as a prize. Katie sat under the tree wondering what kind of cake Thomas was going to have. She didn’t even notice the other kids playing games. It wasn’t until everyone was halfway through the birthday song that Katie realized it was time for cake. She jumped up, scaring Mac from where he lay beside her.

“Make a wish, Thomas,” his mom said. “Okay, line up and we’ll get you all a piece.”

“Can I have a corner, please?” asked Katie.

“Sure you can. And when you finish, you can have another piece if you like,” Thomas’ mom told her.

“Can I, really?” exclaimed Katie.

She ran back to the tree and just as she was about to take a bite, she had a thought. She looked at Mac and asked, “What if the other kids finish their cake first? Then there won’t be any left for me.” He just looked at her.

She got up and told him, “You stay and take care of my cake.” She pointed at the cake and Mac barked.

“Excuse me,” Katie asked Thomas’ mom. “Can I have another piece?”

“Did you eat your piece already?” she asked Katie.

“I’m the best cake eater, ever,” Katie answered.

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