Dee Willson is a born storyteller. Her worlds are freshly invented, meticulously considered, and richly told. With GOT she’s created a remarkably original world that looks like ours but isn't ours at all; while A Keeper's Truth dazzles us with an entirely human protagonist and a love interest who is anything but. In all her work she manages to offer what we all want: surprise and delight and laughter, a remarkable achievement.

Catherine Luttinger, Agent, Darhansoff & Verrill, New York

There are two standouts in the novel. Tess is a highly credible and original lead character and I felt bonded to her throughout the book. A great lead character alone, though, is not enough to make a book a stand out but when that combines with a surprising portrait of ancient lore that reaches far beyond recorded human history, the novel really comes alive.

D. J. McIntosh, Author of The Witch of Babylon

Dee Willson’s characters cast shadows sharp enough to make even the most jaded reader uneasy. She juxtaposes comfort with peril and the beautiful with the grotesque until the simplest gestures are disquieting and the only way out is forward.

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