Profiting From Arcade Games: Dave and Buster’s

By Matthew Gianino

Published by GDM Entertainment at Smashwords

Copyright Matthew Gianino 2011

Table of Contents

x – Introduction –

xx – Explanation of Risk –

I – The “Confidence Effect” –

II – The “Negative Zone” and how to avoid it –

III – You Have to Spend Money to Win Money…or Do You? –

IV – The New Rewards System & Coupons –

V. - Half-Price Wednesdays and Registering for Rewards –

VI – Prizes -

Section 2: Game Play

Section 3: Coin Games

Closing Statements

Legal Stuff

x. Introduction

Greetings! First I’d like to thank you for purchasing my guide to winning skill-based games at Dave & Buster’s, it took me 5 years to compile this information and I am grateful that you took the opportunity to allow me to share it with you. Just to give you some background information about myself, allow me to share my story about how I started my journey to where I am today. It all started when I was 11 years old when my Dad took me to Dave & Buster’s for the first time in my life. Now, only being 11 years old, the closest thing I had seen to a large arcade-style play area was Chuck-E-Cheese, and when you go from an arcade like that to an arcade aimed primarily at adults, it can be quite overwhelming. Walking into the Midway area for the first time was, for a kid my age, like walking through the gates of Heaven. There were so many games to play and so many people there that were just having a good time, and the atmosphere was so welcoming that you’d never want to leave. I was hooked, and even 10 years later I still go back to Dave & Buster’s every week, although now it’s more or less to just put on a show for the future generation of big-winners like myself! With that being said, I hope you get a wealth of information out of this guide and take it with you to the Midway and start on your own path to winning mountains and mountains of tickets just as I did. It won’t be the easiest thing in the world, but with a little patience you’ll find that beating the “system” is a lot easier than you thought.

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