Can U Relate Poems By: Chantell O

1. The Love Of My Life

Now, I’m his wife.

He caught my heart.
Like a speeding dart.
He captured my soul.
Like I was going thru a toll.
I believe in him.
He believe in me.
We were
Meant to be.
The love of my lofe.
Now I’m his wife.
I am his heart.
I am his soul.
He will treat it.
As if, it was his own.

2. Birthday

Everyday is someone’s Birthday.

Let’s pray.

To keep each other together in away.

That we all feel love.

Like a flying dove.

We were put on earth.

So appreciate the birth.

Hope it’s really great.

Do celebrate.

Happy Birthday to you.

If I never knew you…

3. Happy Holidays

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