For 17 year old Alex Constance, high school has had its hardships. With her parents’ divorce, her brother leaving for the Marines, and not fitting in with the popular crowd at school, Alex thought her life couldn’t get any more difficult than it already was. That is, until her entire world is turned upside down when she sees a man in black and no one else does. A whole new world of weird has been added to her life. Nathaniel, a dangerous man with many secrets, may be her only hope to save her life.

Caught in the middle of an on-going war between fallen angels and angels, Alex begins to learn the truth about herself and her unique family; but will it be enough to save her life or will she become her biggest fear yet? One thing is certain. Alex will not be given a choice, and she may still end up in a psychiatric ward or a body bag.

Ashley Lucero


Copyright 2015 by Ashley Lucero
Smashwords Edition

Cover Art by Creative Paramita
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