The Dream

Helen Eyre

Copyright 2011 by Helen Eyre

Smashwords Edition

The girl ran. Her screams echoed around the dark and gloomy corridor. Her footsteps thudded loudly as she thundered down the long corridor. The high cruel laugh rang in her ears. The more she ran the louder it became. It seemed to be coming from all around her. Her terrified breathing seemed deafening in her ears. She looked back and immediately regretted it. A dark, thick, red liquid that looked awfully like blood was oozing steadily from under every door she had passed. The blood was following her. The walls seemed to melt and form terrifying faces that seemed to laugh at her as if they knew something she didn’t, as she fearfully continued her run. The floor lost its colour. The only thing left with colour was the red liquid chasing her. As she neared the stairwell her arms seemed suddenly heavy. She felt like her legs were sinking right through the dark, creaky floorboards. She shook her head and pulled herself free from the invisible force pulling at her. As she reached the stairs she could hear cruel whispers that pounded her skull,

“Never escape, you’ll join me, you’ll never escape from me…” the whispers went right through her and made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, she felt her skin crawl. With added determination she forced herself on, she had to get out. Fast. Petrified squeaks escaped her lips when she almost ran straight into the slithering snakes in front of her she jumped over them and headed towards the stairs. She reached the stairs and hurtled down them dodging the stairs that fell away as if to try and stop her leaving.

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