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Abra Ebner

My husband loved me…perhaps the only thing he did love. My life was like that. I was victim to the unwanted love of many, it was my curse. Having given in to this curse, I chose to settle and marry a man I did not love. I knew he would provide a simple life in the country. The last thing I ever expected to happen was to have a daughter.

Tucked safely inside me, my daughter does not know what she will become, or the challenges she has yet to face. My life will end to bring her into this world. She will bear the same curse I did, a curse not many know of, and neither shall she. This silent curse has been handed down from mother to daughter throughout the many generations, stemming back to one.

We do not bear sons, not since the curse began. Woven by the jealous love of the full moon we will breathe life’s first and last breaths ever tied to its whim. Loved by the many men of Earth, we are either a man’s greatest fear or most longed for fantasy. The fire of a summer’s full moon inside us makes that choice. We are not unlike the gentle ladybird, drawn out by summer heat and passion, blushing red from the beauty that burns in our hearts. Each spot we bear is a lifetime where we failed to find love. We are wild, tormented souls, always longing for something but never satisfied, and all because of one foolish girl, once upon a time.

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