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Terra Incognita: The Abyss

By Joshua Mays

Copyright 2011 Joshua Mays

Smashwords Edition

I want to dedicate this book to Joellynn Bolen, an amazing woman who made all of this possible. Without her, I never would have started on this path

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Chapter One

His shin hit hard against the splintered wood as his foot broke through the floor, causing pain to race up his leg. It took a few seconds for the stinging to subside and a few more for him to regain his composure. With a crack, he pulled his foot from the hole, bringing rotted pieces of floorboard up with it. Anger rose in his throat as all the small moments of his past compounded into one.

God damn this house!” Benjamin Harking yelled, holding his leg, wincing.

He hated this house, and this new incident only gave him more reason to feel that way. Everything in his life had changed, and this place stood only as a reminder of how unhappy he was. He felt more alone here than he ever had in his entire life. This wasn't a home for him, but rather a simple residence. It was nothing more than an unbecoming place to get mail—not that he ever got mail. His parents had forced him to move here, and then shipped him off to boarding school before he could get comfortable.

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