“I wish I knew,” he lamented helplessly. “I wish I knew.”

* * * * *


“Overall though, this is a great little book and with a subject like genocide on the agenda I think it’s appropriate to raise the subject now. We humans are great at obliterating what we do not understand; perhaps Derrico’s book provides a little insight into the intricacies of the human mind. … Well done and sure to do well in the science fiction market.”

- Alastair Rosie, eBook-Reviews.net

“David Derrico’s first novel kept me turning its virtual pages, wanting to read longer each evening than time would permit. … his hero carries the narrative, which features believable alien cultures and a plot that kept me guessing until I bumped up against the book’s cliffhanger conclusion.”

- Nina M. Osier, eBook-Reviews.net

Right Ascension goes beyond the standard realms of the futuristic space epic, subtly tackling the issues of human morality, honor, and loyalty where many authors would fear to tread. Derrico has a remarkable talent for characterization, and in presenting his core characters with a series of awkward situations and dilemmas, he adeptly manages to challenge our definitions of right and wrong. Right Ascension is an utterly thought-provoking novel rich with vividly drawn characters, electrifying action sequences and plenty of food for thought.”

- Toby Emden, Bookbooters Press

* * * * *


A Novel By David Derrico

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