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The Death Trip

Chapter 1

The efficient young woman was explaining the procedure. There would be no pain, just the prick of the needle as they administered the sedative – Versed.

Have you had it before?”

Before Vera had a chance to think about it, let alone respond, the woman answered for her, “Probably for a dental procedure or colonoscopy,” and wrote something on the clipboard while continuing to rattle on.

Vera was listening, understanding, but distracted. She kept looking at the woman’s skin, shiny and glowing – effulgent – was that the word she was searching for? It was harder to find the words these days, that was the Parkinson’s which would have taken her sooner or later anyway, so the other was a blessing sort of. The other didn’t bother her much, a vague ache in her belly. She’d seen what happened with her sister. First dying very slowly, so you begin to think it’s not happening at all, that you’ll be one of the lucky ones, and then all at once…

The woman was now talking about the seed, which was some kind of computer that would be shot into her brain.

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