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The Funeral

~K. Lyn~

Copyright 2011-05-21: K. Lyn

Romancing Erotica Books

All rights reserved


Included in: The Funeral

1. Openers

2. Introduction

3. The Funeral



After years of life in the city and away from the one man she could never have, Kellie has returned to her small hometown for only one reason. The woman who was Kellie’s best friend years ago was involved in a fatal car accident. This is the same woman who had married the one man Kellie fears blames her for his bad marriage. But there is no way he could have discovered that Kellie had known the truth about his dead wife, could he? In an odd twist, the widower has requested Kellie’s attendance today of all days. Today is the day of the funeral.

The Funeral:

The morning sun streamed through the window forcing Kellie to open her eyes. She looked around the small room that she had rented for the next three days. It was definitely country with wallpaper of wheat fields and farm houses adorning every wall. The bed-and-breakfast was a big deal in this small country town. Having never been to the New England countryside, the owners of the quaint inn had thought they had invented something brand new. Kellie smiled as she thought about it. She had grown up here, but that was a long time ago. She stepped into her slippers and walked to the window. After all this time the town still looked the same as it had when she left here a lifetime ago. Kellie had returned for only one reason. Today was the day of the funeral.

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